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Welcome to the trans center

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חדר במרכז הטרנסי

Our center

The Trans Center is Israel’s first community center of its kind, entirely dedicated to our community in all its shapes and forms: at any age, from any background, for newcomers and veteran members alike, including everyone’s friendship, support and care networks. Whether you’re a community member, a relative, a friend, or a professional who wants to know more, whether you only have one small question, or want to become involved – you are welcome here!

תמונה מאירוע של מרכז הטרנסי והצוות

Everything that happens with us

Activities and general information

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The week's events in the center

Is there a course, workshop, or lecture that you would like to see at the center? Is there an activity you would like to transfer? Share it with us!

The monthly calendar of events 

Some of the events are pre-registered - if you want to register, click on the event for more details and registration

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התקהלות קהילה הטרנסית במרכז הטרנסי

Come volunteer and be a part  From the family!

Join our family of volunteers at the community center! 
Be part of something bigger, where your time and dedication make a positive impact. from community support and more to help us and be 
Some of the roles we have. Let's build a vibrant and inclusive community together. Sign up today and become part of our compassionate family!

our team


Donate to the Trans Center

Your donation will help us to expand the services and activities provided to members of the trans community, reduce distress and improve their quality of life. The trans center is operated and managed by the Gila project for trans empowerment and the gay association for the LGBT community.

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