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About the Trans Center

The Trans Center is the first community center of its kind in the country, dedicated entirely to each and every member of our community: transgender and gender-variant people of all ages and backgrounds, beginners and veterans alike, as well as our close circles of kins, friends, and allies. Whether you’re a trans* person, a family member, a friend, or a professional who wants to know more, whether you have a small question or wish to be involved - this center is for you!


The Trans Center offers resources for the transgender community with a holistic approach, and provides a home for both social and cultural activities, along with a variety of individual services for transgender and gender-variant people and their families. At the Trans Center you will find information about and connection to all services and resources for the transgender community available around the country.

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Our Vision and Values

The Trans Center is a place created by and for the transgender community, in its broadest definition. The center is managed and operated by transgender and gender-variant people, providing the most relevant and up-to-date information in all areas and issues concerning us, along with our experience, fieldwork, and unique expertise as caregivers and community activists. We believe that knowledge and skills belong to all of us: we all walk the path, learn and overcome each challenge together.


The Trans Center exists so that none of us has to deal with society and state systems and services on their own. Here we will support each other, learn together and grow stronger both as individuals and as a community. The individual’s path to build their life and actualize their wellbeing is the community’s path to resilience, prosperity and a proper place under the sun for all of us.


We are here to build and shape the services and solutions that our community needs and deserves: to open doors, change mindsets and enable communication and access, to forge an extensive network of connections and alliances to envelope each and every one of us and facilitate their path in the world.


We are here to create and shape the resources our community deserves - a place to meet, hang out, connect with others and build community resilience and a tradition of mutual support.

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The Trans Center stems from the collaboration between two long-standing organizations - The Gila Project for Trans Empowerment and The Aguda, the association for LGBTQ equality in Israel - in order to provide a holistic set of resources for our community. Both organizations are committed to the transgender community, and believe that working together will produce better utilization of each organization’s strengths and expertise. This collaboration maximizes their ability to help our community, seamlessly working together under the same roof.


National insurance funds

The five national insurance funds are the leading body in the development of social services in the community. The funds, through financing and accompanying bodies and organizations, help in the development of services for the well-being of groups at risk, in meeting essential social needs, such as needs arising from disability and social exclusion, domestic violence, lack of skills in employment, exposure to an unsafe environment and more.

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The Aguda - The Association for LGBTQ Equality

The Association for the LGBT is the first local association established for the LGBT community. The association works to identify the needs of the community in all its sectors, and to provide quality and professional answers to these needs, everywhere in the country. The association brings extensive experience in managing a nationwide organization and developing solutions for the LGBT community.

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Gila Project for Transgender Empowerment 

The Gila project for trans empowerment was established in 2011, from within and for the trans community. Gila is a trans-activist core that works to change the reality of the lives of our society and community members, in all its shades. Gila brings to the center a lot of experience from the field, knowledge about the community and from within the community, and especially the heart: doing it from a place of partnership, solidarity, appreciation of our wisdom and power as transgender women, and of our existence in the world as a factor creating change. 

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