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בניין מרכז הטרנסי

The entrance

The building entrance in located on 62 Mordekhai Anielewicz Street, Tel Aviv, left of the clothes store.

The center itself is located on the 1st floor when taking the elevator (or the 2nd floor if you’re taking the stairs).

At the entrance to the Trans Center itself, you’ll see a large sign in Hebrew and Arabic.

You’ll find a doorbell left of the entrance. Please ring it to let us know you’re there, and we’ll open it for you.

the center space

In the trans center there is: 

  • 5 rooms where activities and conversations take place

  •   Central living room space with sofas and seating areas

  • A kitchen where you can drink and eat light refreshments

  • Undefined toilet cubicles including one wheelchair accessible cubicle built according to the standard

  • shower

*The lighting in the trans center consists mainly of fluorescents (white lighting).

How to find us

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You can sometimes find gray, as well as blue and white, parking on the streets near the Trans Center, especially in the evening.


In addition, there are several parking lots located in the area:

HaPalmach Parking Lot – 68 Yigal Alon, Tel Aviv

Cinerama Parking Lot – 45 Yitzhak Sadeh, Tel Aviv

HaMa'aracha Parking Lot – 4 HaMa'aracha, Tel Aviv

Menora Mivtachim Arena Parking Lot – 2 Ha-Shlosha, Tel Aviv


The Trans Center is wheelchair and stroller accessible – we have a ramp at the entrance, an elevator, and accessible toilets. The room doors are compatible with most wheelchair models (the narrowest door is 80cm wide). In addition, the sidewalks leading to the Trans Center include curb cuts.

We recommend contacting us in advance in any case, so we can help you visit us without hassle.

Public transport:

You can use the following lines to get to Yitzhak Sadeh Street:

3, 9, 39, 168, 256


You can use the following lines to get to Yigal Alon Street:

8, 7, 46, 54, 59, 115


The nearest bus stops are:

Yigal Alon/HaPalmach

Yigal Alon/Yitzhak Sadeh

Sport Arena/Yigal Alon

Yitzhak Sadeh/Cinerama

Yitzhak Sadeh/ Yigal Alon


There are additional bus lines that stop some hundreds of meters from the center (a few minutes’ walk at an average pace), for example at HaMasger Street.


The Trans Center is located 1.2km from Tel Aviv HaShalom Train Station (about 15 minutes’ walk at an average pace).

how tohas come?

Address: 62 Mordechai Anilevich, Tel Aviv.

1st floor by elevator, 2nd floor by stairs 

The centerNesi is located in the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood in Tel Aviv, near the corner of Yitzhak Sade and Yigal Alon streets.

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During events:

During large events, we make sure to reserve a clearly marked quiet room, provide name and pronoun stickers, as well as stickers indicating your communication preferences (Prefer not to talk, Ask me for permission, Talk to me) so that all participants can feel comfortable.

During large events, the center might be crowded, and in many cases events might include a DJ and music.


Refreshments in our events are always vegan and clearly labeled (kosher, gluten free, etc.).

If you have any allergies, please ask us about them specifically!


Some of the events are also suitable for speakers of languages other than Hebrew. In those cases, we make sure to note this as part of the invitation, and you’re always welcome to ask us on any of our channels.


We currently have no specific accessibility accommodations for people with visual or hearing impairments.

When can you visit the center?

The Trans Center is open every Wednesday between 16:00 and 21:00. During this time, we’re hosting a regular “open space,” where you can come at any time, sit in our living room area, browse our library, have some coffee with a friend, chat with the staff, work or study by yourself, or whatever else.

At any other time, please only come to the center after scheduling an appointment in advance or to attend specific activities (some of the activities require prior registration). You can arrive up to one hour before any activity starts.

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סלון מרכז הטרנסי

Our rules

  • Privacy:

    • Please avoid taking pictures of people without their permission. In particular, please make sure not to post any pictures or videos online that feature other people without their consent.

    • Please keep quite in the area of the activity rooms. Feel free to have social conversations, phone calls, and more in the living room area or in one of the other spaces.

    • Please remember that several different activities take place simultaneously in the center. Please avoid assuming that anyone’s presence in the living room area or in any other space indicates a wish to communicate or talk.

    • Please avoid asking invasive or personal questions without explicit prior consent.

  • Any use of drugs and alcohol is forbidden in the center.

  • We will not accept any violent behavior, or any form of discrimination, racism, or LGBTQ-phobia.

If you have any questions or thoughts, or if you need us to address any violation of the rules, you’re welcome to speak to any of our staff present in the center.

Any gross and/or repeated violation of the center’s rules may lead to your banning from the center.


Use of the kitchen and refreshments

The Center includes a kitchen intended for common use, as well as tableware and utensils that you can use. We support environmental protection through the use of reusable tableware, which is why the kitchen contains glasses, a hot drink station, as well as pitchers for water and hot drinks, plates, bowls, trays, and more.

As part of our effort to minimize harm to the environment and to the animals, no refreshments containing animal products are served at the Trans Center. Please avoid bringing refreshments that contain dairy or meat products, including cow’s milk for coffee. We’ll be happy to advise and answer any questions on this topic, if you have any.

In order to keep the kitchen accessible for those who keep kosher, the kitchen is defined as kosher-dairy. For personal use (not for refreshments served as part of activities), please avoid using the tableware or kitchen utensils (plates, cutlery, chopping boards, etc.) for the handling of food containing meat. Please only heat food containing meat in closed containers that you have brought with you, and eat it with your own personal cutlery rather than the cutlery from the common kitchen.

Please note! The Center’s kitchen contains many allergens. If you have any life-threatening allergies, please talk to us in advance so we can figure out what we can do.

If you have any suggestions for improving accessibility in the center, we would love to hear about it! Please contact us through any of our channels (social networks/WhatsApp/other), or at our mailbox.

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