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Services offered at the Center:

The Trans Center offers services that encompass various areas of life: a communal space with workshops, events, groups and social gatherings, along with services for individuals on the transgender spectrum and their families. Services provided by the center include: Access to information, assistance in realization of rights, legal aid, nursing services, occupational guidance, access to medical services, and more. The services are provided in a flexible and customized format, according to the specific needs of each applicant.

Nursing services

The nurse offers advice and guidance, as well as medical treatment in the cases listed below

legal aid

The Trans Center offers legal aid free of charge to trans community members,

AMAB/MTF bottom surgery consulting for trans women

This service by Gila Project and the Trans Center is intended to provide assistance, knowledge, and support around bottom surgery for trans women, including recovery and daily living after undergoing it.

Accompanying staff at the trans center

We invite you to contact us on any topic and issue that concerns you,
And we will be happy to help

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Accompanying staff at the trans center

We invite you to contact us with any issue or concern you may have, and we’ll be happy to help! Our assistance team includes two mentors and a social worker. We know that sometimes, it can be challenging to find someone to ask or consult with about issues in our lives. Our assistance team is here to help you with questions, connect you with relevant people, and build a plan with you, according to your specific needs. Our main areas of assistance are information accessibility, exhaustion of rights, and personal assistance and support. At the Trans Center, you can receive personal assistance from a trans mentor, according to your specific needs and goals. 

Personal assistance at the Trans Center is provided based on the experience, lives, and insights of people from within the trans community, people you can to talk at eye level, explore, reflect, and ask questions in a space that is supportive, accepting, and non-judgmental. In addition, our team can also assist you with obtaining and exhausting your rights as trans people across the gender spectrum. We will be happy to help you in various areas, such as National Insurance claims, letters required to begin transition, and more. In addition, the Trans Center believes that reliable and up-to-date information should be accessible to the community, including various topics relevant to trans people, such as gender affirming processes, procedures and bureaucracy concerning trans people, dedicated services and programs for the trans community, and more.

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ייעוץ לגבי ניתוח תחתון לטרנסיות MTF / AMAB 

שירות של פרויקט גילה והמרכז הטרנסי שמטרתו לספק ליווי, ידע ותמיכה סביב הניתוח התחתון לנשים טרנסיות, ההחלמה המורכבת ממנו, והחיים שאחרי. הייעוץ האישי ניתן על ידי נינה הלוי, טרנס*דולה אשר ליוותה בשנים האחרונות עשרות ומאות נשים וא.נשים בתהליך זה.

במשך השנים הצטברו בקהילה שלנו ידע רב וניסיון עשיר על הרחבות, טיפול עצמי וחיבור לגוף. נינה תוכל לקיים איתך שיחות, להדריך, לענות על כל שאלה שיש לך, לעזור לך להכין את עצמך לקראת הניתוח ולהחלים ממנו בהצלחה. הייעוץ מתאים לכל שלב שבו את נמצאת בתהליך: אם את חושבת על ניתוח תחתון ורוצה לשמוע יותר, אם יש לך חששות או התלבטויות לקראת הניתוח, אם כבר עברת את הניתוח ואת מתקשה בהרחבות או בחיבור למיניות החדשה שלך - נינה נמצאת כאן בשבילך, לסייע לך להתמודד עם האתגר, לצאת ממנו שלמה ומועצמת, ולהיות חברה טובה יותר לעצמך ולגופך.

שיחת הייעוץ יכולה להתקיים פיזית במרכז הטרנסי, טלפונית או בשיחת וידאו. 

ניתן לקבוע תור לייעוץ אצל נינה דרך מערכת ניהול התורים.

בשאלות נוספות ניתן לפנות לצוות המלווה של המרכז הטרנסי.

צוות מלווה
ייעוץ לגבי ניתוח תחתון טרנסיות
יעוץ תחתון
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סיוע משפטי
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legal aid

The Trans Center offers legal aid free of charge to trans community members, as part of our cooperation with the Kalai, Rosen & Co. Law Office and the Haifa University Civil Litigation Clinic. Both these entities specialize in all relevant areas, have many years of experience working with the trans community, and regularly work with our team.

Legal aid is provided as needed in various legal areas, including matters not directly related to gender identity. You can obtain legal advice and aid in areas such as:

  • Discrimination

  • Workers’ rights

  • Financial issues

  • Debt arrangement

  • Bureaucratic barriers

You can contact the Trans Center’s legal aid services in one of three ways:

  • You can contact the center’s assistance team, and they can connect you with the relevant person for legal aid.

  • You can attend our open consultation nights, which take place once per month at the Trans Center, and see a legal professional for a short meeting of about 15 minutes.
    To schedule individual meetings.

  • If you’re dealing with issues related to trans health and healthcare barriers, you are also invited to contact us directly by email at:

how to contact?

שירות אחות

Nursing services

The trans center will soon return to operating nurse services. 

The center has a qualified nurse who receives an audience once a week. The nurse offers advice and guidance, as well as medical treatment in the cases listed below. It is advisable to make an appointment with the nurse in advance,Through this system, But you can also simply come to the center during the nurse's activity hours. In such a case, it is recommended to contact the center and verify that there have been no changes to the schedule.

If you find it difficult to physically get to the center, you can schedule consultations via phone/video during those hours. 

Maya Orabi is currently the nurse at the trans center.

The nurse services provided at Mr27:

Advice on general medical issues, including guidelines for maintaining health and preventive medicine.

 • Consultation on any issue related to medical processes for gender adjustment - hormonal therapy, surgeries, voice training and more.

 • Training before and after surgeries, including training on performing dilations (vaginal training).

 • Medication injection and training for self-injection (please come with a medical instruction to perform the operation).

 • Dressing change and/or treatment of scars after surgery.

  • Removal of stitches / staples (please come with a medical instruction to the nurse to perform the operation).

 • Advice on safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Is there a course, a workshop, or a lecture you want to see at the center? Share your thoughts with us! Is there an activity you would like to organize? Let us know! The center is meant for us, and has a place for all of us!

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